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Short-term exchange mainland to Taiwan Taiwan spy girl was subverted coercion

[Global Times reporter Liu Chang] Currently, the short-term exchange students, trainees and the mainland to Taiwan student body. In addition, since 2011 Taiwan on the mainland open academic education of students is limited since three years, more than 3,000 Chinese students have Taiwan, attended the Institute of various colleges and universities. These Chinese students affected by the "three no limit six" (limited to school, limited, restricted areas, do not give extra points preferential treatment does not affect the island's enrollment, does not offer scholarships, are not allowed to work off-campus, a public officer shall not apply on the island examination, continued employment can not leave Taiwan) policy restrictions, must themselves raise annual tuition and living expenses during the four or five million yuan in Taiwan. Taiwan spy mental part of mainland students who want to take advantage of subsidy spending initiative to provide "part-time", says can easily make money. 
An official of the National Security Department told the "Global Times" reporter, Taiwan spies arranged for early Chinese students "work" is very simple, pay is not high, students are often unsuspecting promised down, after establishing a fixed contact, some students deep trap them. Authorities recently cracked the case, a short-term exchange of the mainland to Taiwan is Taiwan spies girls coercion instigation, after the students return to the mainland and the territory of the classified department personnel "friends" to obtain classified publications, after taking a pass contact her Taiwanese spy, after which the spies were stationed in Southeast Asia, the students also go abroad to be delivered to multiple data.