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Three features to understand the domestic market of graphene
The concept of graphene has been popular in the world, and governments, research institutes, enterprises and financial institutions have paid much attention to it. Graphene is a new monolayer plane material of carbon atoms. Its unique carbon monolayer structure was once thought to be unstable.
The global graphene market is huge, and China will become the largest consumer country. At present, the annual global production capacity of graphene has reached 100 tons. The industry expects that in the next five to ten years, the annual production capacity of graphene will reach 1000 tons. With the graphitic innovation center to be established, China's graphene industry is expected to further develop, and the scale of 100 billion yuan is worth looking forward to. Now we understand the market analysis of graphene from three main characteristics.
First, the fastest growing market of graphene in the Asia Pacific region. Graphene market analysis, the Asia Pacific region graphene market is expected to become the fastest growing region. The rapid growth of the economy, the continuous development of the manufacturing industry, the cheap labor force and the increasing application patents based on graphene have contributed to the rapid development of the Asia Pacific market. In addition, the cooperation of major research institutes / universities in graphene R & D projects has contributed to the market growth of major emerging economies such as China, India and Japan. Among them, the growth trend of China's market is the most rapid, mainly due to more and more cross industry cooperation in China, and various universities and scientific research institutes have participated in its commercial R & D activities.
Two, graphene oxide - the largest market of graphene. Graphene market analysis, graphene oxide is the largest category of graphene market. Graphene oxide is easy to disperse in water and other organic solvents. Because of its high electrical conductivity, GO is widely used in electronic devices, catalytic oxidation, biotechnology, and industrial applications as surfactants.
Three, energy application - the largest application of graphene market. The energy application market is the fastest growing market for graphene. Due to the increasing demand for flexible and long life renewable energy in the market, the analysis of the graphene market is expected to remain strong in the near future. In the Asia Pacific region, energy consumption has become the third largest consumer market of graphene. The market for lithium ion battery manufacturers has increased the demand for effective energy storage materials, and the evolution of ultra efficient solar panel technology is the key factor contributing to the continuous growth of the energy market of graphene in the Asia Pacific region.
Although the momentum of the development of graphene is fierce and bright, it is not to be ignored that most of the products are still in the laboratory research and development stage. Even though Dongxu optoelectronic has developed a graphene based lithium battery, and the new raw silk and carbon filament related projects have begun to go into production, but most of them have been put into production. The market analysis also needs to be recognized. The analysis of the graphene market is not only technically reliable. It is also worth considering whether it is cost-effective compared with alternative lithium batteries and alternative materials, graphite and silicon.