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New energy technology introduced by BYD to SICT

 在2017年9月22日召开的广东省委常委会议审议并原则通过了《广深科技创新走廊规划》,IDC数据显示,东莞产手机华为、OPPO、vivo排名前三位,一直占国内市场半壁江山。随着广深科技创新走廊建设提上日程,作为全省创新发展的强大引擎,广州、深圳、东莞三市正密集敲响创新鼓点,加快建设创新平台、创新载体,抢占未来发展的制高点。按照规划,到2020年,深圳要构建具有国际竞争力的新材料产业集群,产业规模达2300亿元;阿里巴巴、唯品会、腾讯……云集, “IAB”(新一代信息技术、人工智能、生物制药)、“NEM”(新能源、新材料)等创新布局,广州吸引全球创客目光;在东莞,随着首个项目海域使用权证书的获批,滨海湾新区将与松山湖一起,引领东莞向“创新驱动”转型。全面小康目标,离不开粤东西北与珠三角创新共振。

In September 22, 2017, the Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Standing Committee considered and adopted the "planning of the Guangzhou Shenzhen scientific and technological innovation corridor" in principle. The IDC data show that the first three places in Dongguan, which are mobile phone HUAWEI, OPPO and vivo, have been half of the domestic market. With the construction of the Guangzhou Shenzhen scientific and technological innovation corridor, as a powerful engine for the innovation and development of the province, the three cities in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan are ringing the innovation drums, speeding up the construction of innovation platform and innovation carrier, and taking up the commanding heights of the future development. According to the plan, by 2020, Shenzhen should build a new material industry cluster with international competitiveness, with an industrial scale of 230 billion yuan; Alibaba,, Tencent... "IAB" (new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence, biopharmaceuticals), "NEM" (new energy, new materials) and other innovative layout, Guangzhou attracts global attention. In Dongguan, with the approval of the first project sea area use right certificate, Binhai bay new area will be together with Songshan Lake, leading Dongguan to "innovation driven" "Transformation. The goal of a well-off society in an all-round way is inseparable from the resonance in the northwest of Guangdong and the Pearl River Delta.

摊开广东地图,广深科技创新走廊,正如一条创新神经,有力牵引着全省的创新发展。在广州,通过城轨、地铁等规划公共交通辐射,创新资源可以辐射佛山、中山、江门、肇庆;东莞可以辐射惠州;深圳可以辐射中山,并与香港紧密互动。建设这条创新走廊,可谓打通珠三角和粤东西北协同创新的“任督二脉”。在汕尾市陆河县新河工业园区,比亚迪工厂里一片忙碌,厂区路边停满等待交付的新车。去年以来先后引进了中山国信通、深圳德康威尔、海王集团、东莞比亚迪碳纤维材料供应商宏毅公司等一批关联企业项目落户。“以创新带发展的广深科技创新走廊,有望形成湾区经济中最为活跃的创新区域,通过产业共建,带动周边地区的发展,影响力将辐射到粤东西北地区。”广东省社会科学院产业经济研究所所长向晓梅表示。回望近四十年改革开放进程, 以深圳、广州、东莞为主体架起的广深科技创新走廊,承载着中国最优质的创新资源,是广东链接全球创新体系的门户。

Spreading the map of Guangdong and the Guangzhou Shenzhen Science and technology innovation corridor, as an innovative nerve, is a strong impetus to the innovation and development of the whole province. In Guangzhou, through urban rail, subway and other planning of public transport radiation, innovative resources can radiate Foshan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Zhaoqing; Dongguan can radiate Huizhou; Shenzhen can radiate Zhongshan, and closely interact with Hongkong. The construction of this innovative corridor can be seen as a collaborative innovation in the Pearl River Delta and the eastern Guangdong Province. In the New River Industrial Park, Luhe County, Shanwei, BYD factory is busy, and the roadside is full of new cars waiting to be delivered. Since last year, a number of related enterprise projects have been introduced in Zhongshan, Zhongshan, Shenzhen, de Kang Weil, sea king group and Hongyi Co., Ltd. of Dongguan carbon fiber material. "The wide and deep scientific and technological innovation corridor with the development of innovation is expected to form the most active innovation area in the bay area economy, which will lead to the development of the surrounding areas through the co construction of the industry, and the influence will be radiated to the northwest of Guangdong Province." Xiang Xiaomei, director of the Institute of industrial economics, Guangdong Academy of Social Sciences, said. Looking back at the last forty years of reform and opening up, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan as the main body of the broad and deep scientific and technological innovation corridor, carrying the most high quality innovation resources in China, is the gateway for Guangdong to link the global innovation system.


The Guangzhou Shenzhen scientific and technological innovation corridor is taking on the historic mission of fundamentally changing the development pattern of East and west of East Guangdong, speeding up the development of innovation driven by Guangdong and creating an important pole of the national innovation and development. Strive to advance, the dream go ahead. It can be said that the upsurge of innovation in the Guangzhou Shenzhen Science and technology innovation corridor is a vivid footnote for Guangdong to work hard and continue to take the lead. In the future, this corridor should take innovation as the first power and point line and plane linkage to accelerate the formation of the surging power source and innovation pole leading the development of south Guangdong and even the whole country. The wide and deep scientific and technological innovation corridor has a long and long way to go.