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Graphene lithium battery charges 10 minutes to run 1000 kilometers

 Graphene lithium battery charges 10 minutes to run 1000 kilometers, China Telecom will enter the new energy field.Graphene lithium battery charges 10 minutes to run 1000 kilometers, China Telecom will enter the new energy field.


The product conference of graphene based lithium ion batteries was held in Beijing. One of the first listed companies to enter the field of graphene, Dongxu optoelectronic, launched the world's first graphene based lithium ion battery product, "the king of the ene". This graphene based lithium ion battery product came out, representing our country in graphene technology has been ahead of other countries in the world, this is a historic moment, the great motherland once again let the world worship! As the world's first graphene based lithium-ion battery product - "king of ethylene". The product has excellent performance and can work at -30 C - 80 C. The battery has a cycle life of about 3500 times, and the charging efficiency is 24 times that of the ordinary charged product.



     The landing of "King Wang" opened the era of graphene in the field of energy. Wang Zhonghui, director of Dongxu photoelectric investment and chairman of Shanghai carbon source valley, said: "the graphene technology is a revolutionary breakthrough in the lithium-ion battery application history, and it is the real killer application of graphene industry to look forward to." Xu Dingming, director of the former State Energy Bureau, said: "in the long run, future energy will not depend on the possession of resources, but on the breakthroughs in energy technology.
    Dongxu photoelectric has made breakthroughs in graphene based lithium-ion batteries, and has entered the field of graphene application. Many countries attach importance to the development of graphene technology, what is graphene? Why does it bring enormous economic disaster to the Middle East oil producing countries, or even bankruptcy? Graphene will replace silicon, creating a new era for the world's electronic technology. The charge time of graphene phone is only 5 seconds. The battery is full. It can last for half a month. The graphene battery only needs to charge for 10 minutes, and the environmental protection and energy saving vehicle may run 1000 kilometers. Scientists expect that graphene will replace coal and oil and natural gas in the future, and become the source of most of the power generation energy needed for human life.



     Graphene was the thinnest and hardest material in the world. It was published in 2004. Professor Novo Seaan Love of the University of Manchester, England, found the Nobel prize in physics with this important discovery in 2010.
     The development and application of graphene symbolizes the future of all countries that rely on the production of traditional energy to earn income. The traditional energy products, such as oil and coal, will gradually be ignored. The price of oil and coal will fall to the bottom, and many oil producing countries in the Middle East will be in line for bankruptcy. 





   In the future of scientific research, there will be an environment-friendly vehicle powered by graphene batteries, which will bring about tremendous revolution in the world's automobile industry. The demand for oil will drop sharply, and oil producing countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia will face a disastrous economic shock. Countries that rely on coal exports in Asia are also facing serious challenges. In future life, our mobile phones do not need to carry mobile power. As long as we charge for 5 seconds before going out, the power can be used for up to half a month.
   The advent of graphene technology is going to overturn the whole world. Only a few minutes of charging can allow the car to run continuously for 1000 kilometers. This technology is close to achieving breakthroughs in Spain and South Korea. But this is just one of the magic applications of graphene. In addition, if the graphene material is replaced by silicon, it is expected that the computer processor will run hundreds of times faster.
   Graphene is expected to trigger the revolution of touch screen and display products, and to make foldable, telescopic displays; graphene is tens of times stronger than steel, and is expected to be used in the manufacture of ultralight aircraft materials, super tough bulletproof clothing, etc. The world's first world of graphene technology, leading the world



  在我国战略指引下,国家在“十二五”规划中间明确将新材料列为重要的战略新兴产业;国家自然科学基金委员会已经陆续拨款超过3 亿元资助石墨烯相关项目;国家引导石墨烯产业成立了中国石墨烯产业技术创新战略联盟,联盟常务理事单位分别对石墨烯技术路线、标准战略、专利布局、国际合作和产业促进进行支持和合理引导。


     Graphene is listed as the number one technology development in many countries. Although graphene originated in the United Kingdom, so far, China's graphene development technology is ahead of the world. At present, more than 200 institutions and more than 1000 researchers have been engaged in the research and development of graphene in the world. However, China has applied for more than 2200 patents in Shi Moxi's research and development, accounting for 1/3 of the world.
    In 2015, the global graphene patent data show that the top ranking is still China, followed by the United States, South Korea and Japan. The development of graphene industry in China has also received strong support from the government. China attaches great importance to the research and development of graphene technology, and is confident that graphene will take the place of oil and natural gas resources in the future. China Xintong group has also been supported by the Hegang municipal government of Heilongjiang province. It has developed the new energy of graphene. It has been recognized by all the enterprises all over the world with the battery manufacturing field for many years.
    Under the guidance of China's strategy, the state explicitly listed new materials as important strategic emerging industries in the middle of the "12th Five-Year" plan; the National Natural Science Foundation has allocated more than 300 million yuan to subsidize graphene related projects, and the national lead graphene industry has established a strategic alliance for the technological innovation of the graphene industry in China. The Standing Committee of the League will support and guide graphene technology line, standard strategy, patent layout, international cooperation and industrial promotion respectively.
   HUAWEI also announced the application of graphene with the University of Manchester, UK, to jointly develop the next generation of high-performance technology in the ICT field, and to study how to apply the breakthrough results in the field of graphene to consumer electronics and mobile communications equipment. For the scale of the market, China's graphene industrial technology innovation strategic alliance has predicted that once the graphite industry has formed a breakthrough, it may soon realize the exponential development. By 2020, it is expected to reach 100 billion of the graphene industry in China. Science and technology are the primary productive forces. Competition between countries is a competition between science and technology and energy. Graphene development and application technology has