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Electric bicycle safety technology specification


In order to link up the relevant standards, the Ministry of industry and credit is taking the lead in the revision of the national standard "electric motorcycle and electric moped motorcycle safety requirements" which conforms to the standard and will be brought into the electric motorcycle. The technical specification for the safety of electric bicycles makes it clear that lithium batteries will become new power sources. The gradual elimination of carbonated batteries means that lithium batteries will become the focus of the manufacturing industry of electric vehicles. Guo Xintong group has been developing and producing battery products for many years. Guo Xintong has established a branch in the northeast area. It has put into production million and increased research team to make use of the regional resources advantage of graphene in Northeast China. It produces cars, electric cars and graphene batteries. The characteristics of shuttle motion have developed a new energy battery. In recent years, in Zhaoqing, China has invested in the establishment of new energy battery for mobile phone and the base of electric vehicle transportation industry. It will make better use of the advantages of independent production of lithium battery. The lithium battery electric vehicle will be developed and produced according to the national standard.