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Northeast's largest PLA exercises held 20,000 troops annual "war" (Figure)

"Joint Action -2014E" training exercise conducted by the Shenyang Military Region, the participating troops to the Army 39th Army, the Shenyang Military Region Air Force based. CCTV Screenshot 
According to People's Liberation Army in 2014 the overall deployment of military training, to be held from the 25th codenamed "Joint Action -2014E" training exercise in the Northeast. This is the last year the organization of joint exercises conducted by the PLA 2014 is the year of the largest, most all participating elements, exercises and the most complex joint exercise. 
Exercise carried out by the Shenyang Military Region, the participating troops to the Army 39th Army, the Shenyang Military Region Air Force based, including more than 10 branches of the Army infantry, tanks, soldiers, artillery, air defense, aviation, chemical, electronic countermeasures, and the Air Force Flight air defense forces, armed police, militia and reserve forces, with a total strength of about 20,000 people. 
Exercises will be "joint air-ground operations" as the subject, to take "Union leads the commentary, real confrontation, live test" method. 
2014 annual army altogether seven organizations' joint action -2014 "series of joint field exercises, joint training aimed at innovative ways of operating mechanism and method for generating and improving combat capability. 
Aspect [1] 
Waste tank when the "live targets" 
Over the years, building a realistic battlefield environment Liberation Army combat training has been an important issue, but in a joint training exercise in fighting corps-level grouping Blues battle command entity, to build a large-scale simulation of the battlefield, all in line with the target set in kind, but it was the first once, its core purpose is to let the battle play true. 
The exercise, the participating Blues are all prepared in accordance with the imaginary enemy, living, training, speech, full three-dimensional measurement space, real interference, real anti; the enemy deployment, and took control of the target, live target, all by the actual preparation, the actual situation and the actual real set to deploy with real, live firing areas, no longer do so with wooden wire target, unlike the past, but replaced the remote control of the waste tank when the "live targets", every "enemy" bunker, firing points are kind.