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Taiwan spies in Taiwan, mainland students instigation paid to obtain classified information

[Global Times reporter Liu Chang] "Global Times" reporter recently learned from the national authorities, with the deepening of cross-strait exchanges, the number of mainland students to Taiwan increased steadily since 2009, Taiwan spies on the island for mainland students to draw increasingly instigation activities active. 
It is within the identified Linzhao Wei, Xu Qi Jun, Taiwan and many other Taiwan-dimensional optical system of spies, between 2009 to 2013 at National Taiwan University, I-Shou University, Ilan University, Ming Chuan University and other colleges and universities in more than 20 activities, through questionnaires, part-time contact with the mainland and other ways to provide students obtain paid after the continent's political, economic, military-related policies and classified information. 

Cross-strait exchanges is good practice espionage and intelligence agencies in Taiwan was the opposite. Reporters learned that the relevant national authorities have cracked instigation cases nearly 40 cases involving 15 provinces and cities in mainland China.