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Hot Internet users eighth Fourth Plenary Session Gazette: expect fairness and justice

Party eighteen Fourth Plenary Session of the successful conclusion, "Fourth Plenary Meeting Communique" "comprehensively promote the rule of law" immediately became popular keywords on the Internet. "Expect the rule of law will bring greater fairness and justice," "rule of law, critical look at how to implement the" Netizens published on the eighth Plenary communique four views through their own way. "Fairer, more rule of law, more harmonious" - thousands of Internet users comments, reflects the general public to comprehensively promote the rule of law expectations. 

      Expect fairness and justice: "justice is sometimes more important than wealth." 
Almost at the first time communique released screen name "Ivychen" to update her friends on micro-channel circle of friends. "In this era, fairness and justice is sometimes more important than wealth. Law to give everyone a fair chance to bring more, allowing the community to become more harmonious and rational." 

      And the users like, with the closing of the Fourth Plenary Session of the eighth plenum communique discussed comprehensively promote the new rule of law, new thinking, new initiatives popular. It is expected to lead a country under the rule of law, to allow a fair sunny, able to make their lives better. 

      Fourth Plenary Session of the closing day, the Xinhua News Agency "Xinhua Viewpoint" official microblogging, micro-channel public account first time synchronization published the full text of the plenary communique sparked enthusiastic netizens comment - Netizen "silently * _ *", said:? "Carefully read the contents of the communique, feeling every word clear, every word exciting and some people would say that the rule of law so grand, and we the people do read the communique has a direct relationship you will understand that the rule of law which is specific, it relates to national governance but also about the welfare of the people, it is closely linked with the economy of law and improve the economy to healthy development, people's living standards will be further improved! "User "ln", said: "No rules no standards, the rule of law is to promote the healthy development of the rules under socialism is only the rule of law in order to curb the abuse of power, in order to curb and eliminate corruption, in order to truly achieve fairness and justice..!" 

Just a few thousand words bulletins to let people see the party and the country rigorously enforce the rule of law, regulate the use of power, strong determination to ensure that fairness and justice. 

     Tencent friends, "Li Qin," said in the comments: "In such a big country with 1.3 billion people, to achieve more politically, social justice, the people stable, long-term stability, the most fundamental thing is to rely on the rule of law promoting the rule of law, rule of law and the power of cohesion. after that we will be able to create economic miracles civilized rule of law with Chinese characteristics, in order to realize the dream of Chinese law to provide effective protection for human political civilization and make new and greater contributions. "