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Guoping: China is inseparable from the rule of law and discipline escort

Guoping: China is inseparable from the rule of law and discipline escort 
"CPC Central Committee and comprehensively promote the rule of law decisions on major issues" Eighteen consideration by the Fourth Plenary Session of the history of the rule of law for 17 years to a new height. 
Remarkably, the "decision" that the party form a sound legal system is one of the four elements of the socialist legal system consisting of Chinese characteristics. Also stressed that the party's leadership is the most fundamental guarantee of socialist rule. 

     "Good for the country who must first rule of their body." Numerous historical experience has proven that the party discipline and party rules, the rule of law is a strong guarantee. As the ruling party, only in accordance with the Fourth Plenum communique asked: "Strengthening the Party rules and regulations, improve the Party rulemaking institutional mechanisms supporting the formation of a complete system of laws and regulations within the party, the party regulations applying to that the Party, implement strictly administering and promoting party members, cadres take the lead in compliance with national laws and regulations "in order to forge a mainstay of China's leading construction law. 

      Do not understand the legal and law-abiding legal system builders, the rule of law in China can only be built castles in the air. Party, party discipline, while promoting its own building, and also to build an effective mechanism to protect the rule of law continues to advance. Over the past decade, the party has promulgated or revised the "Inner-Party Supervision Regulations" "leading cadres in politics certain criteria" and the party rules, "Disciplinary Regulations," "Regulations on Protecting the rights of Party members" from all aspects of political life, party-hard constraints advocate the rule of law, promote the rule of law within the spirit of the heart, the outside of the line, prompting party cadres constitute consciously promoting rule of law hard constraints. 

      "Positive its body who can only gentleman." Currently, continue to strengthen party discipline perfect significance lies on the party's leading cadres higher more even more stringent requirements. This consolidate the party's ruling status is essential to improve the party's ability to govern. "The tree Dermot such as mayonnaise, pesticides nurturing the best", only the intensity stricter than state laws, standards higher than the law of the land, in order to maintain the party's advanced nature and to ensure that there is an inexhaustible power of the party's cause to grow and develop. 

      Eighteen years, provincial and ministerial level officials are investigating up to 50 people, to the end of July 2014, nearly 63,000 government officials have been punished. In addition to "play with Tiger flies" strict and courage, the party is to implement strictly administering all aspects. In the reverse "four winds", the 10 million people take the initiative to hand over "red" and the shopping card, involving an amount of 520 million yuan, but also the follow-up to investigate 2550. In the "eat empty rates" special rectification, the total clean-up repaying "eat empty rates" personnel 162,000 people. From lavish dinner party to prohibit strictly controlled during festive greeting cards, moon cake; from improving the work style attitude to curb extravagance, unavoidably, party discipline are carried out strict requirements and constraints. This discipline of restraint and discipline, not only to ensure the Party's advanced nature and purity team also won the masses blown away. 

      The presence of party discipline, is to let every party member Mindful of the responsibilities and special mission their shoulders. It has stringent requirements of party discipline party members and groups, the Party led the people to the people in order to build a socialist legal system convincing, united. "Decided" that the law governing both the legal requirements of the party governing the country according to the Constitution, it also requires the regulation of party party party-based party. Chinese legal system composed of party discipline both organic whole socialist characteristics, but also complement each other, complement each other's community. Under the current rule of law and entered a new stage in the new period in the background, in particular, need a clear discipline seriousness, necessity and importance of party rules. China is inseparable from the rule of law and discipline escort. (National level)