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Party newspaper: "Fighting death of the party," fallacy is not worth refuting been enhanced self-purification capacity

From the "collapse of the way corruption" Speaking (People's Forum) 
Ye Xiaowen 
Recently, the political environment in Shanxi was out of the question, a number of provincial cadre corruption has been detected, discovered "the collapse of the way corruption." 
Some say the problem is an officer with the coal bosses "collusion." Merchants can yesteryear is like? In particular, they pay attention to the specific business practices credibility, or those specializing in silver exchange, funds deposited in Shanxi ticket number, how people can get around the country for up to a hundred years of trust? 

First do not blame businessmen, government officials themselves have to analyze the reasons, sounded the alarm, learn from it. 
Mao Zedong once said, "There may be some Communists, they are not the enemy guns had been conquered, they are worthy of the title hero in the face of these enemies; but can not stand people with sugar-coated shells wrapped in attack, they sugar bomb in front will be defeated. we must prevent this. "today, our party under the new conditions, the leadership of the National People engaged in an unprecedented scale economic development, deepen the market play a decisive role in the allocation of resources led economic reform, if the "sugar-coated bullets at the front will be defeated," spoilage 50s who had not on that scale and extent of the century. As Deng Xiaoping said, "serious cases of crime, not the past 'Three Antis',' five evils' can be compared at that time. At that time, more than one thousand yuan of corruption is' tiger ', a million or more is' tigers', now a grasp on the often great 'tiger'. "
Alarm sounded Shanxi, Shanxi profound lesson. 
In promoting the market economy, the rule of law must be used to balance power. Unchecked power inevitably corrupts, and absolute unchecked power corrupts absolutely possible. If you only have power without responsibility, authority and not subject to the supervision exercised only every law enforcement are likely to be potential legal spoilers, and every citizen can become victims of this vandalism. When the power to control the market, while power and capital to meet, unchecked power will inevitably lead to universal, collapse the way corruption. Capital expanding impulse and desire to combine the power of expanding, will lose the moral boundaries that blur the boundaries of the law, even a scathing critique of Marxism by monopoly capitalism, completely go to the opposite party and the people. 
We must improve the rule of law economy. We engage in a market economy, not engage in "market society." Make the market play a decisive role in allocating resources, not make markets in social life also plays a decisive role. Moreover, we engage in a market economy, the rule of law is essentially economic. The rule of law is the basic guarantee the healthy operation of the market economy, but also economic, social interaction norms and positive guidance. 
Must build a law-based government. Xi Jinping, secretary stressed the need to "put power into the cage in the system." The power of the rule of law in a cage in order to minimize institutional weaknesses and loopholes in the system, guard against the temptation to maximize market interests. To prevent excessive power to intervene in the market, ill - reforms limiting the right to ensure that clearly defined lines of authority; authority made no basis to prevent the exercise of the disorder - the right to do according to the law, the powers granted by law to ensure compliance; to prevent excessive concentration of power - - science with the right checks and balances to ensure that the power structure; to prevent the "secret operations" - the sun is shown right, to ensure open and transparent exercise of power; to prevent the abuse of power - fully programmable rights, to ensure timely and effective oversight powers. 
Must unswervingly push forward the fight against corruption. Continued to keep the pressure up, so a zero-tolerance attitude change, drastic action to resolve ailing unabated, scraped the bone healing courage not to vent, and severely punish the attitude is not loose, where the rot will be reversed, evils.