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China's SICT group, the world's top 500, aims at building new energy markets in Zhaoqing.

      肇庆市打造千亿元新能源汽车产业集群再添新军。4月2日,投资100亿元的国信通通讯手机、新能源电池及电动交通工具产业基地项目在我区正式签约落户。市委副书记、市长范中杰会见了国信通集团董事长林 俊烨一行。市委常委、区党工委书记李奔,区党工委副书记、管委会主任王哲出席签约仪式。

   Zhaoqing will add 100 billion yuan to the new energy vehicle industry cluster to add new troops. In April 2nd, the investment of 10 billion yuan of China Telecom's mobile phone, new energy battery and electric vehicle industry base project was officially signed in our district. Fan Zhongjie, vice secretary and mayor of the municipal Party committee, met with Lin Junye, chairman of the National Communications Group. Li Ben, Secretary of the municipal Party committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee, attended the signing ceremony of the Deputy Secretary of the district Party committee and Wang Zhe, the director of the management committee.

According to the introduction, it was founded in 1996, the main products include communication mobile phone, cell phone battery, electric car battery and so on. After twenty years of lean exploration and rapid development, the group is now ranked among the top five hundred in China, and has become the main mobile phone and new energy source battery manufacturer in China. The battery's ability to produce and sell is the top three in the world. The national faith and Tong Group invested 10 billion yuan in the national faith and communication mobile phone, the new energy battery and the electric transportation tool industry base in our district. The project will produce the products such as the mobile phone, cell phone battery, electric car battery, intelligent electric bicycle, electric balance car and so on. The project will reach the annual output value of about 400. Billion yuan, a tax of about 2 billion yuan per year.

The 100 billion yuan new energy vehicle industrial cluster is one of the three major industrial clusters in Zhaoqing's implementation of the "366" industrial development project. In the past year, our area has focused on the target tasks determined by the "366" project, aiming at attracting investment in key industries, such as new energy vehicles and advanced equipment manufacturing, and reaped great achievements. In particular, hundreds of billions of new energy auto industry projects have achieved remarkable results, of which 10 billion of the small ROC smart new energy vehicle has been formally started construction, the first phase of the whole vehicle will be completed in 2019, which can achieve 200 thousand vehicles with annual output; the new energy power industry town, the first project investment of 6 billion yuan, reached the expected annual output value of postpartum. 20 billion yuan; CLP new energy vehicle produces 50 thousand new energy pure electric logistics special vehicles annually, and the output value is about 10 billion yuan after reaching the standard. With the investment of 10 billion yuan of the national Xintong group project, Zhaoqing has made a solid step forward for the strategic goal of creating a thousand billion yuan new energy auto industry cluster.

During his meeting with Lin Junye, Fan Zhongjie thanked Guo Xintong group for its investment and development in Zhaoqing. Fan Zhongjie said that, as one of the main communications mobile phones and new energy battery production enterprises in the country, it is a very strong private enterprise. It has a very strong position in the country and in the world. It has a strategic vision to choose Zhaoqing. Fan Zhongjie hopes that both sides will further strengthen communication and communication, expand the field and scale of cooperation, and reach a deeper level of cooperation. The Municipal Committee and municipal government will fully support the development of Zhaoqing, with the best service, the best policy, the accelerated construction of the support for the country's ICT project, and the building of the whole city and the whole province. Benchmarking projects in the information and new energy industries will enable enterprises to grow bigger and stronger. Lin Junye thanked the Zhaoqing municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the high tech Zone for their full support. It said that the group was full of confidence in Zhaoqing. It will speed up the project construction in the shortest time and the fastest speed, and strive to build the project and put into production in the same year.

At the signing ceremony, Li Ben warmly welcomed Guo Xin Tong's settlement in our address. Li Ben said that China has advanced technology and strong strength. For more than 20 years, it has ploughed up the mobile phone and battery market, pursued the large scale lean manufacturing, and unremittingly explored the new technology, new equipment and new technology. The production and marketing ability of the communication battery ranked the top three in the world. Our district will adhere to the development of the enterprise as its own task and build the project to the ground. We will provide an all-around, high-quality and efficient service. Through the joint efforts and sincere cooperation of both sides, we will make the project a leading quality item in the industry. The other leaders of the party and government leading bodies in the district participated in the activities of the day.