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SICT build smart phones and new energy companies


From May 7, 2018 to May 8th, the two days of time, invited to the Kingdee K3 system development engineer and technical director to visit the National Communications Group Company to explain the technology, Chongqing branch also sent representatives to Zhongshan national ICT Industrial Park to study. In order to better improve the social competitiveness of the group in the field of the Internet, according to Secretary General Xi Jinping in April 20th, he proposed to strengthen the network management and mobile office. As a smart phone and a new energy battery leading enterprise, it is more important to standardize the management process of enterprise, and hope to improve the staff more effectively. Work efficiency and technical level.
Under the arrangement of Liang Zhilan, the head of ERP of the National Communications Group, each department conducts systematic and orderly learning. The meeting includes the sales department, the project department, the planning department, the purchasing department, the warehouse material and the core content of the finance. ERP Engineer Liang Zhilan concluded that it is a new contact for some people, but it doesn't matter that learning from practice to familiarity is a gradual process. For all the employees who are already in use, it is a technological upgrading, more effectively expanding their horizons, and promoting the development of new staff members.