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CEO of the Bengal brand to our company to understand the product

2018年4月28日来自孟加拉的Smarta品牌的CEO Kamol 在我司代表华从根、海外部的李卫平带领下介绍了公司的基本情况和参观了生产车间。李卫平把客户所需的机型给到kamol,就机型设计、功能上的改善等问题进行了讨论。最后Kamol表示,对于公司各部门的协调、生产技术表示赞赏。在处理和改善手机功能的问题上项目部配合得很及时,客户也表示非常满意。

In April 28, 2018, CEO Kamol from the Smarta brand from Bangladesh introduced the basic situation of the company and visited the production workshop under the leadership of Hua Conggen and Li Weiping from the sea. Li Weiping gave customers the required models to kamol, and discussed the design of the aircraft and the improvement of its functions. Finally, Kamol expressed appreciation for the coordination and production technology of various departments of the company. In dealing with and improving the function of mobile phones, the project department is very timely and the customers are very satisfied.