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Warmly welcome Russian customers to visit

    2018年4月24日中午,来自战斗民族的俄罗斯客户在参加香港展会期间,特意抽出一天时间前来参观我司工厂,我司华从根、海外商务部代表对他们的到来表示热烈的欢迎。海外商务部代表介绍说,在对待客户方面一直比较的重视,而这次作为新开发客户,并一同前行参观,对我公司的基本情况和产品的情况与客户进行了详细的描述, 俄罗斯客户代表在参观了我集团所有生产部门过后,不由称赞我司是业内较完整、规模较大的手机产业链,特别是看过我司产品类型比较的创新和类别繁多、性价比高的产品后,当场挑选了产品,并确定了后期的友好、深入的合作。

     At noon of April 24, 2018, Russian customers from the fighting nationalities took part in a day to visit our factory during the Hongkong exhibition. The representative of the overseas Ministry of Commerce said that it has been paying more attention to the customers, and this time, as a new development customer, and visiting together, the basic situation of our company and the situation of the product are described in detail with the customer. After visiting all the production departments of the group, the Russian customer representative is not praised. Our company is a relatively complete and large scale mobile phone industry chain, especially after seeing the innovation of our product type comparison and various kinds of products with high performance price ratio, we selected the products on the spot and confirmed the friendly and deep cooperation in the later period.