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SICT invited Ali lecturer to implement a secure mobile network office system.

In response to Xi Jinping's emphasis in April 20th, leading cadres at all levels should actively adapt to the information requirements, strengthen the Internet thinking, improve the ability to grasp the law of the Internet, guide the network public opinion, the ability to control the development of information and the ability to ensure the security of the network. According to the instructions of leaders at all levels, Guo Xin Tong Group also upgraded the current system. "Nail" OA office system, mobile office and secure office are the guarantee to improve the work efficiency of enterprises.

If an enterprise wants to be invincible in the competition of modern society, it is necessary to pay attention to the training of employees. Only by continuous learning can we inject fresh blood into the enterprise. In the system operation of a company, the proficiency of employees in their work skills is a key link in deciding whether an enterprise will succeed or not. Guo Xintong invited the famous training lecturers from Alibaba on 4 23 to train and study management cadres. Ali's "nail" OA office system has complete functions, high security, and humanized front end and backstage settings, which is in line with the office requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises. It also has a long-term cooperation with the nail nail software of the Alibaba, and also has the assistance and technical support of the Ali technical personnel, and in April 24th, the OA system was used in the official test of the national letter and communication system.