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The strength of gathering people and the virtue of universal love


"The strength of gathering people and the virtue of universal love", the company has always insisted on adhering to and adhering to the spirit of Nakayama Hiroai, which is the result of the company's efforts and continuous accumulation. You can walk together, can become a colleague is also a kind of fate, the big family has your contribution and contribution, can a better and faster development. The company has been advocating the principle of "everyone is working hard and having difficulties to support". The father of Mai Rongliu, a colleague of the LCM department, has an accident in hospital and a young sister's young reading, and the huge cost of surgery makes him in trouble. After the news, the company issued the initiative for his father to "raise the cost of medical care". In a few days, the company has given out a love of love in every department's love. To this end, a total of 22386.2 yuan was raised from 14 2018 to 2018 04 months in 2018, and on 19 of 04 2018 2018, his father successfully completed two operations.