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Warmly welcome African customers and technicians to visit the company.

Warmly welcome the customer and technician to the African National SICT visit

4月13日中午 ,非洲客户及技术人员一行三人拜访我司,该客户与我司于去年六月份启动合作,我司积极配合客户需求进行对现有产品修改开发,在较短时间内完成客户大订单的项目订制、测试及生产交付,得到客户对我司完整产业链生产所带来的产品性价比高、品质良好及交付迅速等优势的首肯。

At noon of April 13th, three people from Africa and technicians visited our company. The customer and our company started to cooperate with us in June last year. We actively cooperate with customers in the development of existing products, complete the project ordering, testing and delivery of large orders in a relatively short time, and get the integrity of our customers. The industry chain produces the advantages of high cost performance, good quality and fast delivery.
In order to further expand the follow-up cooperation, the customer rate technician visited our company's Xintong Industrial Park, and visited our company's production links (including the mold room, injection department, whole machine assembly, whole machine packaging, lens department, LCM, electrical sound department and battery Department). Finally, we also visited our automation production laboratory. In our complete industrial chain advantage more confidence, said Japan will increase after in-depth cooperation with our.