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Mai Rong Liu's father's donation proposal for medical expenses.
For our LCM department, Mai Rong Liu's father's donation proposal for medical expenses.


All colleagues:


Charity and poverty alleviation are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. Helping and supporting each other is a new trend of the times advocated by the society. It not only embodies the noblest quality of human beings, the best emotion and moral sentiment, but also marks the progress of social civilization.


When we were in the midst of a busy and busy work, we produced the LCM Department staff of the manufacturing center: Mai Rongliu (No. 00061464), because the father in the family had a car accident in 4 in April 2018 and the driver escaped, and the cost of medical treatment was 17923.66 yuan in April 9th. According to the evaluation of the attending doctors, there are 2 to 3 operations after operation, and the cost to recover is about 200 thousand yuan. Mai Rongliu's mother has passed away. Her younger sister is reading the student's father's high medical cost, which makes the family that is not rich enough to bear the burden.

Now our company is willing to donate a love to all of our colleagues and offer a real love. Your love will surely change their fate.

Way of donation: personal or departmental report to personnel administration department.
Donation time: from the date of publication to 17:30 April 18, 2018.