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Zhaoqing hi tech Development Zone came to our company for inspection


   Li Ben member of the Standing Committee of Zhaoqing city of Guangdong Province in August 11, 2017 and Wang Zhaoqing city high tech Development Zone delegation leaders visit to our company by company representatives Chen Haibian and other representatives of the relevant departments of the company, to give a warm reception. Our company since its inception, uphold the "focus, the ultimate" corporate culture, focused on leading the product market innovation and innovation, at home and abroad market much attention. Achieved remarkable results, at the same time, in addition to its own strong strength, but also inseparable from the local government leaders at all levels of care and support.

   Zhaoqing city leaders and inspection team first visited our Industrial Park production line, and reviewed our personnel management, safety production, product quality and work flow in detail. Accompanied by representatives of the company, Chen Haibian and so on, the delegation learned about the company's development process, R & D team building, management system, project investment, as well as the future development plan. Focuses on 2017-2018 years of company development strategy and marketing strategy, as well as the company's other project development plan. In this regard, Zhaoqing city leaders Li Ben agreed, puts forward some opinions and suggestions on the future development of our company, I hope the company can consider in the future development of Zhaoqing Dawang District, the government departments will give corresponding policy support and encouragement. At the same time to my company to a global perspective, the integration of international science and technology research and development of advanced concepts first, as the national independent brand contribution.