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The ICT has become the first domestic battery manufacturing enterprises settled in Hegang

The afternoon of April 24, 2017, mobile phone battery and the municipal government and national ICT group project signing ceremony held at the Harbin Peace Village Hall peace hotel. Provincial Committee and vice governor Li Haitao, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, municipal people's Congress Chairman Zhang Enliang, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, Mayor Wang Qiushi, city leaders Yang Hexin, Gong Yunsheng, chairman of China Telecom Group Company, deputy general manager of China Telecom Group Company, Zhao Guokan, Chen Bingjin, Yang, Department of Commerce, Department of finance, Department of land, development and Reform Commission, the office of science and technology and the letter of appointment, the stock exchange and the relevant leaders responsible comrades, comrades in the main city development and Reform Commission, industry and Information Commission, Finance Bureau, Business Bureau, Land Bureau, Bureau of science and technology, government office, Heilongjiang Heming Yunshan Mining Co., attended the signing ceremony. Vice mayor Yu Zhiwei presided over the signing ceremony and made a speech of welcome.

Chairman of the national ICT projects, the ICT group was founded in 1996, always adhere to the "people-oriented, efficient, scientific and technological innovation, achievement sharing", focus on the battery, mobile phone and accessories, power management and development of new energy industry, the rapid development and lean exploration after 20 years, has accumulated rich technical experience, won a good reputation, has been among the top five hundred domestic listed, especially the communication of lithium-ion cell projects and small power series products currently in the world has been among the top three. The ICT group project in Hegang will give priority to investment in the construction of power battery and mobile phone communication integration industry base, realize the intelligent precision automation equipment production, the completion of the project after the annual output value of 15 billion yuan, 500 million yuan of tax. The company will hold a quasi state "The Belt and Road" development plan of the pulse, focus on the direction of new energy development strategy, along with "development ideas and trend of industrialization, the realization of" 4 "core function of intelligent factory" and "intelligent production" to high-end precision automation equipment and a new generation of technological innovation, leading projects with the developing of power battery products. We have the confidence and determination in the correct leadership of the provincial government and the municipal government, in support of the departments concerned, in accordance with the company's strategic development plan, based on Hegang reality, for the bigger and stronger, to the world, the national ICT project construction in Hegang as Hegang and Heilongjiang province benchmarking enterprises, leading enterprises.

Zhang Enliang pointed out in his speech, natural graphite as a kind of strategic mineral resources, its unique metal and nonmetal dual technology characteristics, determines the graphite products will inevitably become the cutting-edge technology of new material industry. Hegang municipal government attaches great importance to the development of the graphite industry, one of the five leading industries including the deep processing of graphite, the "green mining" industry in support of city transformation, are making great efforts to create a new graphite material industry base. While the ICT group is the domestic lithium ion battery and mobile phone manufacturing leader, with strong technical strength and financial strength. Sincere cooperation between the two sides will certainly be able to resource advantages, technological advantages, innovative advantages and competitive advantages for the market to provide quality innovative products for the two sides to create a win-win future. Since the beginning of last April in Hegang city and contact negotiate the ICT group, both sides have always uphold the complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win concept, sincere communication negotiation and pragmatic exchanges and cooperation, keep good operation, good planning and building cooperation projects as a consistent goal.  The provincial Party committee and the provincial government have paid high attention to this project and supported it in all respects, and included it in the provincial key project. In April 24th the Hegang municipal government officially signed with the ICT group, marking the power battery and mobile phone project cooperation has entered a substantive stage of operation, marking the graphite new material industry base construction of our city has taken a substantial step, but also marks the Hegang truly entered the era of high-end graphite". Cooperation is the cornerstone of success, win-win is a common vision. The ICT group chose Hegang, this city will because of the enterprise investment and development, the city will also maximize the feedback of enterprises, and enterprises to progress and grow together. We hope that the two sides will further deepen exchanges and cooperation, and constantly expand the scope and scale of cooperation, and achieve mutual benefit and common development on a higher level. We promise that Hegang city will always adhere to the "for the sake of investors, to help investors successfully" concept, dutifully provide all-weather, full range of quality services for the project construction, to provide all the conditions and environment for the implementation of the project. We firmly believe that, with great attention and effort to the provincial government and the provincial departments of the support, investors have the vision and enterprising spirit, cooperate closely with the city departments at all levels and do solid work, we will be able to project in Hegang this piece of land on the ground to take root, grow.

In the morning of June 8, 2017, He Yi Road three kilometers north of the Songhe area, flags fluttering at the meeting, the ICT power battery. The intelligent mobile phone. Cathode material production project started the grand opening ceremony. Pang Yihua, deputy director of the Heilongjiang Provincial People's Congress, the Hegang municipal Party committee secretary Zhang Enliang, mayor Wang Qiushi, and the national ICT Group Chairman and other leaders attended the opening ceremony. Marking national ICT Technology Information Industry Co. to become the first domestic battery located in Heilongjiang city of Hegang manufacturing industry enterprises