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Warmly welcome the leaders of Heilongjiang Mishan municipal government to visit


     The morning of May 14, 2017, Heilongjiang Province, Mishan city party secretary Zhang Lei, vice mayor Zhou Jinghua, Luo Wenfeng and other leaders of the delegation to visit the headquarters and

guide the work of our company, our Chen Haibian, Xiong Huadong and other representatives of reception,to welcome their arrival. Then, in under the leadership of our representatives visited our National Research Institute and automated production lines, visit industrial park, the main intelligent mobile phone battery production department, at the same time our representative introduces process development of the industrial park and the division of the production workshop. In the morning of the ten in the conference room, on cooperation between the two sides carried out exchanges and discussions, in order to better understand our situation, our company also specially prepared overview and product brochures, the Secretary Zhang Lei praise.