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Hegang City, Heilongjiang province delegation visit in November

November 9, 2016 Heilongjiang Hegang municipal government delegation made a special trip 10 arrived in Chongqing City, accompanied by Wang Jian, vice president, Deputy General Yang Lei Chen, vice president and other leaders, visited the US company in the District of Tongnan and Nanan power battery project communication mobile phone project, Hegang municipal government mayor, Wang Qiushi Hegang municipal CPPCC Chairman Xu Ying and other leaders to give the delegation and recognized highly in Chongqing base project of our company. That night, accompanied by the leadership of our company, the Hegang municipal government delegation arrived in Zhuhai. In November 10th, the Hegang municipal government delegation to visit our company headquarters in Zhongshan Industrial Park, visited the National Research Institute and automated production lines, the company on the way to visit, the delegation introduced process development of the industrial park and the division of the production workshop.
10 pm for the purpose of our company plans to invest in Hegang graphite and related industries to convene a special meeting to discuss the. During the meeting, the first to the delegation expressed the government and the city of Hegang in Heilongjiang Province, concern and recognition of the industrial development of our company, and in September this year to vice governor Li Haitao personally led a delegation with the ministries and agencies concerned, we express our sincere gratitude. Then it introduces the development course of our company, planning development of current and future industry group company, Hegang city mayor Wang Qiushi Xu Ying, chairman of the delegation representatives spoke, spoke highly of our company's management system and the industrial scale, the enterprise strength, the future of our company planned to give highly appreciated. Our company introduces our future in industrial planning and layout to the Hegang delegation, expressed confidence and sincerity in Hegang investment graphite industry, provincial and municipal leaders hope the cooperation between the two sides to give policy support and guidance for good. Through this exchange, the two sides are full of expectations for future project cooperation, the two sides entered a substantive stage of cooperation in the project to lay a solid foundation.

  (Figure one) visiting the exhibition area of mobile phone products,

and visiting the company production line.

(Fig. two) the automation equipment in the workshop.

(Fig. three) the automation equipment in the workshop.

(Fig. four) resource cooperation and Exchange Conference.